Interview with PHANE

In this age of regurgitated punk rock clones, it’s easy to pass something by as you know you’ve heard it before. I often search around for what’s happening on the punk rock front but I usually find myself slithering back to the utopian punk world of the 80s and 90s. Joking aside, PHANE are new, […]

System Of Hate ‘There Is No Madness Here’

There’s punk…then there’s PUNK! It’s been a long time since something has really grabbed my attention. I’m quite opinionated and the older I get the more I tend to be a bit critical on what’s happening in our world of punk rock. I received a message from Pat Crawford of SoH that asked if I’d […]

Constant Fear / Frenetix split CD

Punk has always been an educational experience for me. Not just a noisy tool to be “different”, but a catalyst that gave me something that no typical class room could offer. This is one of those elements that would have shaped me as a youngster and strengthened my ethos as an adult. First off, a […]

Babylon – Back to the Brink 7″

One thing that I respect about the Seattle area and it’s punk activities is the diversity that comes from there regarding specific sounds. Seattle was never an area to latch onto cloning sounds (Grunge excluded) or carbon copying the latest Dbeat, raw whatever. The sounds were spread out and gave rise to some stand out […]

Organize and Arise Webstore

The O&A webstore carries some back stock of 90’s hardcore punk and crust bands and current releases from War//Plague, Warwound, Amebix and more! Click here for the Webstore

Interview with Bob Otis of DROPDEAD

DROPDEAD…by far one of the most important socio/political bands of our time. Starting in 1991, the band has been blasting hardcore punk at the world with a fiercely militant message of animal liberation and human compassion. A subject that will forever be relevant and vital to the punk and underground movement. If you’ve ever seen DROPDEAD, […]